Budapest’s Best Bistros | 7 Best Restaurants & Bistros Right Now

Welcome to the Hungarian Bistros List, our handpicked ‘best of Budapest’s dining scene. These are the tastiest restaurants and bistros in the city right now: the freshest, most inventive and most memorable, reviewed by locals and visitors. The term “Bistro” comes from French referring to a “cheap restaurant” for working-class locals, who used to dine […]

30 Unusual Things you need to do in Budapest [and save money]

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Everything you need to know about the Budapest Castle 2018.

If you plan to visit the Hungarian capital, the Buda Castle should be on top of your reasons why to visit Budapest. See In this post: When was Buda Castle Built? Where is Buda Castle? Why is Buda Castle called Buda Castle? Inside Buda Castle and how to visit Guards Change at Buda Castle Opening Hours […]

Christmas Bucket List: 10+1 Fun Budapest Holiday Activities To Do.

Are you planning a trip to Budapest this winter but worried about not finding any fun and interesting activities in the city? Then we have a great news for you: Budapest is a wonderful city for winter holidays! We’ll share 8 awesome things to do in and around Budapest in December, January and February! There’s […]